BEwell HUB: a Business & Entrepreneurial event open to inquisitive minds!
A series of encounters looking at entrepreneurship through Effective Business strategies and Healthy Personal well-being.

We will adopt an approach of insight, by bringing on experts to share their knowledge, open discussion for personal stories & focused group work to better understand the topics.

Feel free to join, it is on Tuesdays at 0800 UTC.

The guest Speaker will be LA TOYA ZAVALA, and the topic will be PROCRASTINATION IN BUSINESS AND LIFE.

The event link will also be shared on LinkedIn and Eventbrite. Please note that all BEwell Hub webinars are recorded. Therefore anyone who agrees to participate by clicking on the link automatically gives their consent to the registration and grants the organization the release on video and audio recordings. The installation and use of the images/videos are to be considered free of charge and with the total exclusion of responsibility on the part of the organization.

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