BEwell Being 100% Human

MICHAEL KEATING will be our guest speaker on the topic of “Being 100% Human in Business and Life”: we’re going to talk about how to achieve a win-win situation in any human relationship. Join us in our next BEwell HUB #webinar on Tuesday the 19th of September 08.00-09.00 UTC.

BEwell HUB | Unlocking Creative and Operational Excellence with ChatGPT

BEwell Hub – A series of workshops looking at the Business and Entrepreneur Wellness required to achieve success in the corporate world. This week’s topic is: Unlocking Creative and Operational Excellence with ChatGPT Our guest speaker will be John Bass. John is an AI Writing Content Creator, who began his AI journey in 2021 and […]

BEwell HUB – Procrastination in Business and Life

BEwell HUB: a Business & Entrepreneurial event open to inquisitive minds! A series of encounters looking at entrepreneurship through Effective Business strategies and Healthy Personal well-being. We will adopt an approach of insight, by bringing on experts to share their knowledge, open discussion for personal stories & focused group work to better understand the topics. […]

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